Audition Information

Bluestem is for singers who:

  • are ages 14-18 (grade 9-12)

  • are passionate about singing, and have choral experience

  • enjoy performing and travelling/touring with other singers

  • have some music reading skills, a strong sense of pitch, and an understanding of basic vocal technique

  • are open to all types and styles of music

Bluestem members can look forward to:

  • Weekly rehearsals with people who love what you love. Rehearsals will be on Thursdays from 7-9:30.

  • Eclectic, varied, and challenging music

  • Workshops and clinics with Canada’s top vocal and choral experts

  • Local concerts at the city’s top venues

  • Collaboration with other choirs and singers in Prairie Voices Inc.


Your audition will last roughly 10 minutes. Following your audition you will complete a short theory worksheet (more info below) which will take about 15 minutes (but you can take as much time as you need). The entire process won't take more than an hour.

Please arrive ten minutes before your audition time.


Bluestem applicants will be asked to:

  • sing a short acapella song of their choice (a portion of a song is fine). There is no accompanist at the audition.

  • sight-sing a short, simple musical passage (note: the ability to read music is valued in this ensemble, but not required. This part of the audition will help us to determine where you are in your growth as a musician.

  • aural skills evaluation (echo back short melodies)

  • sing some simple scales and vocal exercises to help determine vocal range

  • a short placement music theory sheet (note naming, basic terminology, key signatures, etc). A poor result on the theory portion will not exclude you from participation in the choir. It is merely in place to help us to determine where you are in your growth as a musician. Bluestem contains singers with a wide variety of experience. On top of vocal potential, the conductor of Bluestem looks for many things in your audition including a positive attitude, a flexible and open learning style, and a willingness to grow and develop as a musician.


  • a pencil and eraser

  • lyrics or music for your song for your own personal reference (only if needed).

Upcoming Auditions

Auditions for Bluestem will be held on an ongoing basis. 

To set up an audition time, please fill out this application form.